RE-MALE-D (2011)

RE-MALE-D is an audio-visual performance show that presents my constructions of masculinity through sculpture, clay and music. RE-MALE-D is my first stage show that celebrates my archive of clay sculpture, combining futuristic geometric body-sculptures and live-making performances into one show. It was a special commission by London Drawing for The Drawing Theatre at Battersea Arts Centre, London.

RE-MALE-D comprises of two acts. Act One presents live ‘visual sketches’ of gender where I perform a series of body images and silhouettes in response to live music and sculptures. The contrast of masculine and feminine qualities are further enhanced by live percussive instrumentals, which were performed by pianist and drummer James Field.

Act Two was a new version of my live-making performance ‘(Untitled) Bodies’, first performed in 2009. "(Untitled) Bodies" is a ritualistic transformation re-modifying the body's appearance into a re-visioned new entity using raw clay and cling film – a material used symbolically to keep the raw clay fresh and alive. It forms a ritualistic procedure where clay is moulded onto the body, deconstructing and reconstructing its shape and presenting the male body as a new entity. The clay acts as cells and the cling film as skin, representing the lengths we go to in order to construct our own personal image and identity. This was the first time I performed as The Sculptor with dancer Erik Nevin taking the role of The Sculpture.

RE-MALE-D (2012) Commissioned by London Drawing for The Drawing Theatre. Performed at Battersea Arts Centre
Photography: London Drawing
Music: James Field
Dancer: Erik Nevin

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