A Manifestation Of A Simple Gesture (2011)

A Manifestation Of A Simple Gesture (Detail). Materials: Red Earthenware - Fired in Reduction, Epoxy, Wood

'A Manifestation of A Simple Gesture' (2011) is a sculpture made out of hundreds of hand-rolled clay balls that were fired and fused together to create this graphic and textural sculpture. This sculpture acts as evidence of a performative process and each cell is a red earthenware clay ball rolled by hand. The sculpture was made whilst on an artist's residency in the ceramics department at Camberwell College of Arts, with the contributions of staff and students.

Each ball was hand-rolled representing the most simplest creative gesture in clay. All the balls were then fired in reduction to its highest temperature. And in this optimum material state, the balls began to turn black and fuse together. 'A Manifestation of A Simple Gesture' demonstrates that even the simplest gestures have an effect - and if many of these tiny actions are put together, great transformations can happen. This optimistic sculpture was created in response to the politics surrounding education cuts and reforms within the arts, and the ongoing protests for student rights against fees and course closures.

Ceramic sculpture created during AA2A Artist-in-Residence position at Camberwell College of Arts.
Exhibited in SHALL/WILL, Camberwell Space, London (2011).

With thanks to Valentine Clays Ltd.