LE FIL (2012-)

. : . A R T . : . F A S H I O N . : . M U S I C . : . P O P . : . S C U L P T U R E . : .

Welcome to my new chapter and new directions into Pop Music. It's been a natural progression of ideas and disciplines that has brought me to this point. I'm so excited to share the music with you and to bring you into my pop sculptural vision, which has been merely a future vision until now.

My name Le Fil represents the meeting point of my disciplines and ideas. Translated in French, it means the thread or line, which I interpret as the running thread that connects all my disciplines. Whilst also being a shortened version of my name, Le Fil also wordplays on gender roles i.e the masculine version of ‘la fille (the girl)’, reflecting the themes of androgyny and fluidity of gender that feature in my art.

I will still be making everything as before, now there's just more! This is really the beginning, and I am so very excited. I hope you enjoy my music and this next stage of my artistic journey. Come join me!

The Future Is Now.

Love Le Fil


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